28 August, 2019

Shared Care – A Popular Choice for Maternity Care

Finding out you are pregnant is daunting enough, but the decision that comes next “ where / how / with whom do I deliver my baby?” only adds to this overwhelming feeling. The various arrangements for pregnancy care can be quite complex, from care in a public setting, to private obstetrician in a private hospital, to something in between provided by certain registered GPs, known as shared care.

Most women with uncomplicated pregnancies have between 8 – 10 antenatal appointments with a gynecologist during the course of their pregnancy. They may also take some time to review their health insurance and look into things like getting a breast pump covered by insurance.

There are various factors and personal preferences that may influence the decision around the model chosen for receiving maternity care such as:

* Where you wish to deliver: Public hospital / private hospital / home birth

* Who you wish to provide your care: Private obstetrician/ your GP/ private midwife

* Affordability (you can see this site for all information) & whether or not you have private health insurance that includes obstetric care.

* Your location

* Whether or not you have past medical conditions that require care in a more specialised setting.

Shared care, also known as shared maternity care, means that the care of your pregnancy is shared between your local public hospital and your GP. Many of the doctors at Airlie Women’s Clinic are accredited to provide shared maternity care, meaning they have completed specialty obstetric training and are registered with many of Melbourne’s public hospitals.  By opting for shared care, most routine pregnancy appointments will take place with your GP.  3-4 additional appointments and Women’s Health Exam will be scheduled at predetermined intervals during your pregnancy at your local hospital’s antenatal clinic. Shared care is available to healthy women with a normal pregnancy.

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Shared care is a very popular choice because:

* It provides continuity of care with your GP throughout your pregnancy, and after delivery, allowing you to see the same doctor for most of your antenatal appointments.

* Your GP may be a lot closer to your home or work than the public hospital you are zoned to, making the numerous antenatal appointments more efficient and convenient.

* Shared care has many of the benefits of seeing a private obstetrician, but more affordable.

* Your GP is your advocate and regular point of contact and coordination. Your GP and our practice nurse are available at all times, for any queries or concerns.

Regardless of which model of pregnancy care you opt for, the wellbeing of both you and your baby is first and foremost. We are very fortunate in Australia to have excellent antenatal classes that can help you and your partner to get ready for labour, birth, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn baby.

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